Joining this fantastic team of artists in assisting with marketing. Lilja Nótt, Ólafur Egilsson and Jóhann B Jóhannsson are the creators of these 75min of pure entertainment. The show will premiere on the 4th of may if your coming to iceland don’t miss this in Harpan concert hall.  Icelandic Sagas greatest hits are 40 unique and realistic stories describing the settlement of Iceland. Detailing Viking raids abroad and blood-feuds at home, the Sagas are the absolute crown jewels of Icelandic culture. The beloved heroes, and vilified anti-heroes, are ordinary farmers and raiders facing real-life problems like how to get your wife to stop killing your neighbour’s slaves, what to do when someone calls you a horse-ass-eater and how to sue your brother in-law for not… living up to his wife’s expectations. These amazing sagas, preserved on calf-skin manuscripts for a millenia, are the true inspiration behind Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. Now you can experience them all in: Icelandic Sagas - The Greatest Hits! Check out their website:


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