Choreographing for -TOYOTA what wows you

Took part as a choreographer in this big project directed by Tsugihisa Tanaka.  This beautiful commercial was shot in iceland for Toyota (for the Olympics) created with an army of people both behind and in front of the camera.. Produced by True North, Creative director Takuma Takasaki , DOP Mikiya Takimoto. Three trucks filled with clothes from 1800-2000 were shipped to the country in order to make this amazing period artwork of costumes.  Costumes made by Loize Nilssen. Aside from walking, wedding marches and lifts this period based choreography included some disco moves,the running man, the cabbage pach dance and more dancing moves from 1970-1990- while constantly changing outfits.  Great group of people and I have to mention how great it was working with True North, from respecting the nature, to medic on set when dancers were dancing on gravel. Beautiful whether in iceland almost the whole time was also amazingly lucky:)


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