Fireworks ELDAR 2013

“Vodafone collaborated with choreographer Sigga Soffia. This is the first time that the audience  of iceland are asked to look at a fireworksshow as artwork” …”The show was without question dance! The buildup, slower rhythm and the fireworks seemed to stay longer in the air, like every explotion was given time to shine….it was an amizing to experience the excitement of more than 80.000 people and probably the people of Iceland will not settle for anything less than an artisticly directed fireworksshow in the future. The danceperformance Eldar was an glorius art-event that will be remembered” - Simon Birgison theatercritic for DV-newspaper 2013

“Sigga Soffia received the DV Cultural awards 2013 for her first firework display. Most interesting dance performance of the year introducing the public to elements of choreography and sparking interesting discussions on dance in the Icelandic cultural scene.”

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