A loveletter to my profession.

Today is international dance day celebrated all over the world. Being a dancer is more than a profession to me, it is the most powerful feeling. I’ve been a mover since I can remember and even though Louis CK said being a dancer is ” the dumbest career choice on the planet” on the Conan O’Brian Show (funny because its true) I think dancing has taught me the most valuable life values; humility, resilience, dedication,repetition, listening, true physical strength, freedom, sensing, memorizing, awareness. I have never before taken “a break” from dance for this long (break meaning; I had a baby that Is currently living on my body) and I miss dancing so intensely, mostly I miss the feeling of being in my body, not in my head. Living in your head is grossly overrated in my opinion, and I plan on moving down to my physical self as soon as possible. Even though I love performing, I would say one of the best feelings in the world is around min90 in a 2hour “slaughter class” with Tony Vezich. No audience, just sharing the energy with fellow dancers, where one can not think, just move.

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