NorthernNights - fireworks show by Sigga Soffia at La Mercé Barceloneta

Don’t miss Northern Nights choreography for fireworks by Sigga Soffia on the 23.september  at 22:00 at Barceloneta.   Northern Nights is new dance performance by Sigga Soffía inspired by the ever-changing nature of Iceland. In the performance Northern Nights the audience gets to experience choreography in its purest form. The human body is removed from the equation and the only thing left is light- drawing movement in the sky and thus creating the structure of the piece.  The audience is given space to experience the beauty of movement, the power of simple forms, the nuances of colours, weight and the atmosphere of rhythms.
And just like the long silent dark nights in Iceland where the daylight is only 4 hours, the aurora borealis light up the night leaving people gazing up to the sky, Sigga Soffia brings the same atmosphere into her fireworks shows.
In “Northern Nights” people are given the opportunity to find a piece of mind watching the dancing lights while standing together with thousands of people,  reminded of  the power and beauty of the weather and volcanos, dynamic waterfalls and the silent cold winter nights. 

From 2013-2015 Sigga Soffia has choreographed Icelands biggest fireworks spectacle transforming it into a theatrical performance where the sky is the stage and the light is the dancer. Using ground fireworks, shooting from rooftops of historical buildings like the National Theater and the House of Customs in the city centre of Reykjavík she has managed to bring the audience into the show. Her trilogy of fireworks was later transformed into a stage performance for the National Dance company of Iceland. 

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